by Tamara Fritz

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released June 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Tamara Fritz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tamara Fritz, also known as totalspiffage, is a 25 year old singer/songwriter musician from PA. She also works as a freelance voiceover artist, and produces all her music herself.

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Track Name: Something in the End
I’m drowning in the reverie
So keep singing that sweet melody
He said to me
I heard tell of tales anew
Something that’s been affecting you
We’ve got something to do

I just sit and stare awhile
Always caught up in your smile
It’s my style
But my whole life comes crashing down
I can’t keep from lashing out
And my trust’s laced with doubts

Something in the end’s gonna make us cry
We can’t just sit and let time pass by
Make no mistake I understand
The dilemmas you’re in
Something in the end’s gonna tear us down
Eat us alive and spit us back out
Now we remain shocked and spinning
Now we remain at the beginning

Brainwashed by the local sound
Of cars and grass growing in the ground
You’ve not found
The only reason we all stay
the way we’ve grown up is now there’s pay
And a world of loneliness
Or so they say

And everyone you ever knew
Comes rushing back to haunt you
And all the courage fades away
There’s nothing left to make you stay
Track Name: Listening
You stare into space
Your thoughts race
Behind your art
There’s a fear that lies deep in your heart

Think what you may
There’s a lot that you want to say
If you don’t tell me
There’s no possibility

So why not tell me truthfully
What makes your heart bleed
I’m listening
I’m listening
Confess, be honest
I’ll let you put your troubles to rest
Even I can’t help you if you don’t say

Why can’t you talk to me
You live through this life only
I won’t judge you no
I won’t misconstrue

I’ll be listening to you
Listening to you
Listening if you tell me anything at all
Track Name: Can't Breathe (Demo)
The gifts you gave me never quite amount
To the silence I have to make when you’re around
You can teach me how to play and how to live
But the words are something I cannot forgive

Still I must remind myself I’m not a total waste
But I still hear your voice in my head that just won’t go away
And while you’re in my life I just can’t breathe
I can’t breathe

What’s the point if I can’t win it all
I might as well just sell this all
These instruments are all I’ve ever known
I’d give back all my songs to have you leave me alone
Track Name: Burn Like Suns
You’re reckless and you’re strangely attractive
You’re hopeless yet you pull me in
Your gravity is something that is scaring me
And I’m not fighting
I’m not fighting

How could I resist you love
When your eyes just burn,
your eyes just burn like -
And how could I resist your charms
When your voice just soothes me
Shine at a distance
When your light reaches me
You’re already gone
So how could I resist you love when your eyes just burn
Your eyes just burn like suns.

I know that if I get too close to you
Well you could burn me up so fast
This intensity is getting much too much for me
I know I should go now
Know I should go

You’re trapping me under your gaze
And I can’t go the way I came
Your stare’s got my mind in a haze
So I think I’ll just stop and just say your name
Track Name: Try With Me
You can say whatever you need
You know that I will always be
There when you need someone to cry to
And though it hurts when I can’t make you smile
You talk at me just a little while
And at least someone can do the things I want to

You know that there will always be
Something more than friendship to me
And I won’t ever even try

And if I said I never wanted to see you again
I’d be lying
I’d be lying
I’d be lying
And I’m begging you to try to see me again
Won’t you try
Won’t you try
Won’t you try
Won't you try it with me

You have burned me through and through
But I’d like it if I could burn with you
And we could tear the whole world down
But you keep blaming yourself in this
You’re an acquired taste, but I’ll tell you this
I think that I have what it takes to turn this around

And now I’m starting to second-guess
What kind of spell
forced me to confess
You keep staring
And I keep talking
But you won’t dare
Oh please don’t start walking
Away from me
Track Name: Too Old to Fly (Demo)
A whole life ago I stood at my window and
watched you fly away
I always hoped that you’d turn around
And take me back someday

I still stare at the stars
I hope to find the one where you are
But the sky isn’t right
And the city’s too bright
And I am just too old to fly

I got a flat in the center of town
The courtyard is all that I see
It’s hard to see anything up in the night
But sometimes I like to believe
That you’ll find your way back to me
Track Name: When I Fall
I remember when i first saw you
You were two hundred feet away
I was surrounded by people like me
Most of who’d been there all the way

And I could feel my thoughts start flying
Whirling, turning into something new
And all that stuck with me
Was that I wished I could tell you

That when I fall
Fall so hard
I can only fall so far
And when the light
Turns to dark
You like the fire with just a spark

I know you’re just a person
But you seem like so much more
And when it comes down to it
The fact that you’re like me makes you easier to adore

Your songs, your music, your voice
Just flows out so easily
And if I had a choice
That’s how I’d want to be

The spark lights the darkness
That tears me apart
And then when it’s shining
I see I’m not
Not the only one
I am not alone
I am not alone
Track Name: Timeline
When the weather gets warm
I remember you form
And your fingers entangled with mine
And in the light of the moon
I can picture the room
And our legs all mixed up where we lie

When I reread your note
You know it gives me hope
And rids my head of the doubt
Because you will be back
I can promise you that
You’re something I don’t want to be without

I remember the number on the door
And the look of your bags upon my floor
And I wait for the day this loneliness will go away
And you’ll be in my arms once more.

These hot summer days
Make me list the ways
That I can fly, drive, or sail to you
I'm gonna see your face
And curl up in your embrace
I swear I’ll find my way quite soon

But this world is large
Times are getting hard
Please don’t give up my love
I’m getting to you
I don’t care what I have to do
It’s you I’m always thinking of